Phototherapy Pain Reducing Session

Price: €35 involves a consultation and applying 4 phototherapeutic pain reducing and anti-inflammatory patches in special accupuncture points on the body.

– Pain relief with no medicine
– Fast and effective results
– Can be used for the whole body or local points of pain
– Effective on both old and new injuries

Acupuncture points are stimulated – the body’s energy flow improves, pain and discomfort is minimized and even removed after a few minutes of use.
It has been known for thousands of years, that special frequency of light can cause specific changes in the human body.

When you are in the sun, the frequencies of light result in the body producing vitamin D for the usage of the body and melanin that tans the skin to protect the body. The patches work in the same way by sending frequencies of energy into the body and thereby maintaining or recreating the energy flow.

Content and Effect

The patches are hermetically sealed, no chemicals enter the body. The contents of the patches consist of amino acids, oxygen and water. The structure of the molecules inside the patches is designed like organic crystals that reflect specific wavelength of light energies. It is the body’s infrared radiation that activates the patches and causes them to send their designed messages throughout the body.

Footage shown of actual before and after thermographic photos in a double-blind placebo controlled study with 36 people found that 34 of them reacted positively to IceWave patches. The two infrared pictures show inflamed areas in the neck, shoulders and the lower part back. After five minutes we see a rapid decrease in temperature and inflammation. Notice how the area of hot spots / inflammation clearly becomes less inflamed creating an immediate cooling effect, creating freedom of movement to the injured area.

IceWave is MD 1 – approved.


The patches have full effect during 12 hours and reduced effect over the next 12 hours. However some people continue feeling the effects of the patches days after having removed them.

Drink plenty of water.

More information about LifeWave technology here.

Watch how the technology works: