Body Composition Analysis

(files recorded on pendrive in electronic version)

Price: €30

What is Body Composition Analysis?

While standing on the scale a small ‘current’ passes through the body (you won’t feel it, and it won’t harm you). This ‘current’ finds resistance through your body of fat, muscle and water – and according to your body composition the electronic analyser will produce your results as follows:

* weight
* body fat percentage (the weight of fat in your body and then placing in one of the categories of underweight, healthy, overfat or obese)
* total body water percentage (TBW %) (the total amount of fluid in your body)
* muscle mass (how much your muscles weigh)
* physique rating (your body type, assessing the ratio between how much body fat vs how much muscle you have)
* Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) (the daily minimum number of calories your body needs when at total rest)
* metabolic age (compares your basal metabolic rate to other age groups)
* bone mass (the predicted weight of bone mineral in your body)
* visceral fat rating (this is the fat located deep in the abdominal area surrounding and protecting the vital organs)

Once the test is finished a body composition analysis report will be ready (example):